A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a game made in 72 hours for the game jam Ludum Dare 40.

Theme: The more you have, the worse it is.


This is a pixel art, plateformer game using a time-rewind mechanic for
the main character. It is made with Godot Engine, Krita, Aseprite, SchismTracker for the music (samples by Xavier Dang from Metamorphoses EP), and sfxr.

pc controls: 
- left, right: arrows
- jump: space
- attack: a
- dash: d
- rewind: r

xbox pad controls: 
- left, right: left stick, d-pad
- jump: a
- attack: x
- dash: b
- rewind: y

At the beginning, use space or a (xbox) to pass the text.
There is a tricky wall jump mechanic, you must face the arrow key in the direction of the wall to make a wall jump.

Made by: Amin Chouana and Kevin Nguyen

Install instructions

Windows and Linux builds available, choose 32 ou 64 according to your architecture.


win.tar.gz 18 MB
lin.tar.gz 21 MB

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